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High Ticket, Low Hassle ($497 value)

By Yael Bendahan

Absolutely everything you need to create, market and sell your first or next high-ticket offer!

$30 Credit to the Moms Make Money Shop ($10 Value)

By Jenny Suneson

The Moms Make Money Shop is opening soon so I wanted to give you $10 credit to snag an item from the shop when it opens. 

Client Onboarding System in a Box ™ ($275 Value)

By Alicia Lozano

Client Onboarding SIB™ ensures seamless onboarding so they have complete confidence in your work from the very start.

Email Impact 365 ($137 value)

By Breanna Owen

THE DIY email marketing guide for service based providers to serve & connect without the overwhelm.

Download your Brain: Creating SOPs to Take the Guesswork Out of Your Business($147 Value)

By Kelsey Silver

SOPs tailored to your business with this masterclass and 10 Bonus Templates! Say hello to a streamlined business model that works with your brain, not against it. 

Freebie to Funnel ($107 value)

By Christina Lopez

Turn those Freebies into Money Making Leads. 

You’ll have the strategy, templates, and training that will teach you how to turn a freebie opt-in to an opportunity to earn cash on the spot.

Simplified Hiring Toolkit ($107 value)

By Leann Forbes

A step-by-step approach to planning and hiring your first (or next ;)) hire! This is an 11+ page step-by-step workbook that walks you through every single step of the hiring process. It also includes 5 email templates like thank you for applying, rejection emails, interview invitations, offer letter, etc.).

There’s also a ClickUp Hiring Database that includes an application form so you can accept, review, and sort through applications with ease.

Stress Less Workshop ($197 Value)

By Pamela Pedrick

Learn easy-to-implement strategies to lower your stress so you can have better mental clarity, laser focus, and calmer days with ease and flow.

The All-in-One Website Mastery Pack ($399 value)

By Tina Henson

This toolkit combines premium Squarespace website templates, our ‘SEO Made Simple’ eBook, and an invaluable Website Content Workbook. Maximize your website’s impact, skyrocket your SEO, and craft compelling copy with this power-packed bundle. It’s everything you need for online success, in one convenient package!

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