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Simplify Your Home Bundle

From Jenny Suneson, Moms Make Money Collective

The Simplify Your Home Bundle will help you get organized when it comes to meal planning, cleaning, and decluttering. 

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About the Host

Jenny started in the online space as a VA and Social Media Manager in 2016. She loved working for herself but after a couple of years, she felt like something was missing.

In early 2018, Jenny started her first podcast, the Savvy Social Hour and absolutely fell in love with podcasting. She continued working as a VA/SMM but her passion continued to fade.

In October 2018, she brought on her very first podcast client on a whim after only working on her own show and fell in love with her business all over again so at the beginning of 2019 she burned her VA business to the ground and went all in as a podcast manager.

In 2020, she scaled to the agency model and now has 4 team members helping her serve her clients.

Jenny is on a mission to help other service providers start profitable businesses so that they can experience time freedom and be able to do what they love without working 24/7 and in turn have more time to spend with their littles.

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Get access to additional resources that will help you build a more productive + profitable business as a mom.

JoyFULL Goals: 90-Day Intention Planner($27 value)

By Lauren Parker

Use this Notion planner to get more done in the next 90 days with less stress and more fun.

$10 Credit to the Moms Make Money Shop ($10 Value)

By Jenny Suneson

The Moms Make Money Shop is opening soon so I wanted to give you $10 credit to snag an item from the shop when it opens. 

Plan Like a CEO Mom ($37 Value)

By Yael Bendahan

Exactly how I plan my days, weeks and months as a CEO Mom of 5 – CEO activities, money-making moves, & mom stuff!

Carousels That Sell ($27 Value)

By Sydney O'Brien

Take the guesswork out of selling on Instagram with these reusable plug-and-play carousel templates that show your audience the importance of your offer and why they need it. Madlibs-style captions that will have your followers whipping out their credit cards. Also includes a worksheet that will guide you to finding the right words and terms in the templates so that the carousels and captions resonate with your buyers and convert them into buyers.

The Simple SOP Toolkit ($49 Value)

By Phylicia Pough

Ever wonder how to make your biz run like clockwork while juggling the chaos of mom life?

Introducing SOPs! Creating SOPs can be as easy. As easy as whipping up your kiddos’ favorite snack!

In this toolkit you’ll access a masterclass, PDF & resources where you’ll learn

The Anatomy of an SOP
The Lifecycle of an SOP
Time Saving Strategies for Writing SOPs

…so you can effectively write, manage & track SOPs and discover the beauty of streamlining your biz for more family time and less stress!

Use Code: MMMBUNDLE2024

The Tech Connector: Linking YOU to the RIGHT Tech Stack ($9 value)

By Alicia Lozano

Download The Tech Connector Spreadsheet & find the best email marketing or project management tool for your business!

The Easy Email Content Strategy ($27 value)

By Breanna Owen

A year of email marketing content ideas in 60 min. 2 ways to map out what to say before you begin!

Affiliate Toolkit ($37 Value)

By Christina Lopez

Ready to increase affiliate commissions? 

Learn how to promote any affiliate product with these plug and play email templates and mini course that teach you the strategy to get more affiliate commissions.


Meal Planner for the Busy Working Moms ($9 Value)

By Lyn Vu

Say goodbye to last-minute dinner dilemmas and hello to stress-free meal planning! Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals that your whole family will love.

InstaQuiz the Course ($38 value)

By Helen Munshi

Create mini quizzes for your Instagram stories to boost your audience, views and engagement.

Use Code: MMMBUNDLE2024 

Time Management for Mompreneurs Value Pack ($37 value)

By Jackie SheEngineers

Unlock the secrets to Effortless Productivity and Work-Life Balance for Mompreneurs with this value pack :)

Simplify Your Content Creation through Content Repurposing ($47 Value)

By Andria Singletary

Do you feel overwhelmed each time you sit down to create content for your business? As mamas, our time and capacity are limited, so we need to simplify what we can. In this workshop, you will learn how to create content without feeling overwhelmed through content repurposing.

Basic Mom Batch ($27 Value)

By Cindy Beerworth

In this 30 minute masterclass, you’ll learn how to leverage your unique energy to batch your tasks and plan your week so you can get ish done in less time AND batch your biz tasks and plan your M-F so you can be #efficientAF. 

60-Page Presentation Slide Deck Template ($27 value)

By Christina peterson

Want to work super-smart rather than super-hard? Use this gorgious template to create professional-looking presentations quickly and easily!

Lead Magnet Template Starter Kit ($47 value)

By Janita Falschlunger

Everything you need plus ALL THE TEMPLATES for crafting compelling lead magnets, The secret to your irresistible opt-ins!

5-Minute Work+Life Balance Digital Workbook for Moms ($29 Value)

By Flesche Hesch

Achieve the feeling of ease, grace, and calm every day in as little as 5 minutes a day!


Bella ThriveCart Templates Funnel($97 Value)

By Julie C Butler

Checkouts Made Simple, Secure & Stylish
Want to boost your conversion rates and make sales like never before?
Don’t settle for anything less than the best boo. Get your ThriveCart Lead Gen template funnel now and watch your beautiful business thrive.

Conversation Catalyst ($47 value)

By Leeann Forbes

Better team communication leads to better client results. With 20+ pre-written message templates that cover a variety of situations, you’ll never have to wonder how to address any situation with a team member again!

Routine Reset Bundle ($9 value)

By Laura Sue Shaw

This guide and planner bundle is your roadmap to effective daily routines that will transform your family’s life. Whether you struggle with staying consistent or simply want to bring structure and balance into your household, it will provide you with practical strategies and actionable steps to achieve your goals.

How to Create a High-Converting, Automated Sales Funnel ($19 value)

By Melissa Esmeralda

A sales funnel that’s primed to attract the people you want only needs to be created once and optimized occasionally. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to create your high-converting website, landing page, lead magnet, sales page, and welcome email sequence so you can focus on working on the aspects of your business you like.

Double Your Energy ($17 value)

By Pamela Pedrick

• Actionable strategies to supercharge your vitality.
• Elevate your energy to effortlessly attract and serve clients.
• Fuel your success and embrace boundless energy for client-focused excellence.

Simple Tips For Pain-Free Desk Work ($37 value)

By Megan Ehrlich

Feel more comfortable at your desk so you can be more productive and have more energy outside of work.

Scattered to Sorted Challenge($25 Value)

By Michelle Pontvert & Olivia Radcliffe

Follow this fun 5 day challenge to sort through your to-do’s and wrangle that overwhelm as you grow your business. 

Design a Daily & Weekly List to Keep Your Home Organized Masterclass ($14 value)

By Jessica Eastman Stewart

Ditch the overwhelm. Design a personalized list of daily & weekly tasks to keep your home and family life under control.

Effortless Onboarding: Weaving Magic into Every Client Welcome ($9 value)

By Kelsey Silver

Discover how to weave a captivating onboarding and welcome experience that aligns with your natural rhythms, allowing you to shine in every client interaction.

Write Your Emails Workbook ($37 value)

By Kim Bowers

Easily write 4 different emails for your list, full of value and an invitation to take the next step with you.

Mompreneur Life Audit Workbook($9 Value)

By Mimi Vazquez

This workbook is designed to help you conduct a life audit, to set your goals and optimize your time.

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This is my go-to email marketing platform. It’s really easy to use and can grow with you as your business grows. 


My favorite tool for sending contracts and essentially my entire client onboarding process. 

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